December 18, 2007

A new favorite mashup! Get Taxi Fare estimates and maps on your mobile with TaxiWiz

TaxiWiz - what a clever mashup and a fine mobile app.. TaxiWiz is now available for 9 cities and hopefully more soon! Enter a start point and destination and taxiwiz routes you on Google maps, predicts a fare, and even can provide directions and routing... this is awesome! Using the PC version simply click a start and end point on the Google map and your route is traced. You are then presented with distance of trip, suggested taxi fee + tip, and then optional routing directions. The site also offers taxi tips to users as a handy extra. See

Results of a search for a taxi route in New York City using the PC client. Notice the suggested route and fee listed in upper left.

The TaxiWiz Mobile app as seen using Nokia N95 8GB device. Ideally I'd love to see this app taken a couple of steps further, for example, how about integrating it with Google Maps mobile? Since I have Google maps on my device perhaps an option to see the route on a map would be a nice offering. I'd also like to see an option to call a cab company or search for local cab companies... this app could be HUGE!

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