December 18, 2007

Any mobile developers in Colorado interested in Contract work?

I'm relaying a request I received from a local contact here in Fort Collins, CO... teh company is looking for some local help (preferably) to help in porting their mobile app to the latest Symbian OS S60 3 environment. Some details on the request...

There is sort of a time frame issue so it would probably have to be an established team with a history of Nokia development (although one great coder with sufficient caffeine could probably do the job.). The job chiefly involves refactoring the existing code, breaking the functions down to more manageable and supportable size and rendering to all form factors for Series 60, 90 and probably UIQ. OS9 also has some significant new security components that would need to be addressed as well.

As a second piece, if there isn't anyone who leaps to mind to fit the immediate bill, we would also like to look for someone who can work/consult directly with us in terms of project/product management for our Symbian products.

Anyone interested, contact me directly (glenn at gisuser dotcom)

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