December 19, 2007

Yahoo! maps adds drag and drop routes and compare routing

New from Yahoo! maps... drag and drop your routes, compare old and new routing options. Don't like the route that Yahoo! maps suggests... no problem, now you can simply drag and drop to create an updated path, perhaps avoiding road closures, congestion or ?? This from the Yahoo! local blog... Now following your favorite freeway on Yahoo! Maps is as easy as drag & drop. Once you get your directions to your destination, if you don’t quite like what you see, you can pick up your route and drop it somewhere else, and we’ll drive you through the area you select in the most efficient manner. If that’s still not quite right, you can tug on the route again until it’s perfect.

I really like the compare the routes dialog box that shows up after you alter your route. Shows distance in old route compared to new option

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