January 11, 2008

Event of Interest - OpenWeb Developer Summit

Here's some news of the First OpenWeb Developer Summit for Web Developers Leveraging Google APIs. In the 2-day Summit in New York (April 21-22, 2008), delegates will hear from leading developers and industry experts about the impact Google's multifaceted initiatives are having on the world of Internet technologies today and on what the future is likely to bring from Google tomorrow. Topics covered will include:

• Google Gears / Offline Access
• Google Data APIs / Mashups
• Mapping Meaning / Semantic Web
• Enterprise Search APIs
• Algorithms: Theory & Practice
• Getting Started with Google Gadgets
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Google's AJAX APIs
• Geo Search / Google Maps API
• Google Mapplets
• Leveraging GData
• Google Web Toolkit
• Google Calendar & Spreadsheets
• Using the Android SDK
• OpenSocial API
• Web Security & Google APIs

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