January 28, 2008

LizardTech z0,0m blog and a new era for GeoExpress

Today, Seattle-based Lizardtech has rolled out a new era in GeoXpress at release 7 - think interoperability! This from Lizardtech... For the first time, all of LizardTech's applications interoperate with one another. With the LizardTech Express Suite, users can manipulate and compress their imagery with GeoExpress, store their images in an Oracle Spatial database with Spatial Express, and distribute their imagery over the Internet using Express Server. Supporting the product the company is also promoting a new blog (z0,0m) where users and would-be users can stay informed on the latest product developments - see http://www.lizardtech.com/blog/
Thanks to Matt and team for including a link to GISuser from your blog but I would also like to point out that GISuser.com is not a blog. AnyGeo (right here at gisuser.blogspot.com) is our blog. See http://www.lizardtech.com/products/geo/ for more on GeoXpress 7

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