February 04, 2008

back in the saddle.. sort of!

Just a brief update that after being removed from my office chair without notice last week I'm now tending to hundreds of emails, news updates etc... hopefully I didn't miss an important message or have you think I was ignoring you. Indeed I could have don't more from the hospital bed via wireless technology but was told that I wouldn't be doing that by the boss (Jen). This will be a slow week for me as I try to regain my strength and faculties and thanks to those of you who sent best wishes and prayers my way... later, Glenn - way to go Giants, you made my day yesterday


A.T. said...

hey, take care and best return to normal health. all job things can/may/shall wait...

Andres said...

Hey Glenn,

Not sure what happened to you, but I am glad to see that you're back. Wishing you a speedy recovery!