March 26, 2008

Geosearch the ultimate news aggregator? You better watch out for EveryBlock

So, Metacarta has rolled out their fine, new GeoSearch (isn't that a GIS Career resource??) news aggregator, ideal for News, Real Estate, and Travel Applications - see the official PR here. But will it be the "ultimate" news aggregator that some people are speculating about? One has to ask, have you seen EveryBlock? EveryBlock is an amazing mashup for everyone that pulls news, photos, crime reports, property sales, restaurant inspections, and much more for several geographic locations. The app currently provides info for 3 major cities (New York, Chicago, and) oh, and get this, it doesn't use Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft's map data, but rather, have created their own developed the app. on OpenLayers and Mapnik - other data sources are pulled from TIGER/Line files,PostGIS, and OGR (see the full skinny from Adrian's Blog) The developer, you may know the name, is Adrian Holovati of Chicago Crime data fame. I could go on but you have to browse EveryBlock for yourself - see Oh, and for those of you attending Where2.0 or contemplating on attending it, you can hear all about EveryBlock from Holovati himself. See also the blog for more

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