March 25, 2008

Local Search + maps GenieKnows Local - a decent start!

I just received a heads-up from the developers of a new local search resource - one heavily focused on mapping - GenieKnows Local. At first glance it offers up a similar functionality to Google Maps Business search, however, it wraps up some different services and offers some interesting add-ons. I'm not sure if I'm big on the name, but the results seem to be pretty good and thats what's important. Searching for coffee in my local area (which was identified based on my IP address) yields some good results and the add-on suggestions like Bakeries is quite clever. According to the company, the service has bee four years in the making. From the developer, GenieKnows Local ( – is the ultimate combination of map technology and local directories. There's no embeded ads (yet), however, this would be a good application to maybe take advantage of the Lat49 service which provides constantly changing ads within the map, rather than static banners surrounding the maps. The maps really aren't that visually appealing and if I could make a suggestion, I'd consider maybe creating a more professional looking logo.

GenieKnows Local includes:
- Full map of Canada and the United States
- Business listings for all of Canada and the US
- Directory-based navigation
- Free form search for locations, addresses, businesses, and business categories
- Unique and innovative zone-based map navigation, different map views and the ability to search maps
- Weather information for your target city

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thanx for the info. we have also been in the same space. At, we use location as the fine grained lens and use contextual content and community platform to make everyday decisions simpler