March 23, 2008

WikiNear, the location-sensitive WiKiNear - using Yahoo's fire eagle + Google maps API

WikiNear, the location-sensitive WiKi... this cool app. uses Yahoo's fire eagle - you'll need an invitation from Yahoo! to use this - the skinny of it is that the app. uses your location to locate Wiki pages that are closest to your current location and displays them on a Google map (not sure if this is tied to your Yahoo! account setup or ?) I'm still dabbling with it and plan to run off now to test it on my mobile as the documentation says that the app. is optimized for use on a mobile - I would assume that it will hopefully determine my location from the mobile and grab WiKi content based on that location. See more at Simon Wilson's blog or jump to - see also - note, Fire Eagle is in Beta and thus, only a limited number of users are given access so you may have to wait a bit to try this one. See also Mashable for more

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