April 29, 2008

The Airborne1 ASPRS PowerBall Give-Away

I'm always interested in new, clever give-aways at conferences. Recall the Magellan find your match buttons, or perhaps the Jeopardy parody game show give-away? These were cool and now Airborne1 has a good idea for those who visit their booth at ASPRS this week. Just drop by Booth 418 and you'll get a PowerBall Ticket from the crew! Good luck - see also www.airborne1.com
Is your company planning a fun contest or give-away? What's the coolest contest you've seen at a Geo event?

1 comment:

Ryan said...

ERDAS will be having a draw for an Iphone tomorrow, also at the ASPRS show in Portland. All you need to do is to wear one of the free shirts we have been giving out and register at the booth. The draw will be at 3-4pm at our booth at the convention center tomorrow!