April 28, 2008

Tips for reducing that cell phone bill

With gas prices soaring here's a tip that could help you cut your cell phone bill down a bit, enabling you to have a bit more change for fuel! If you use data on your mobile then you know that data plans are quite costly. Something to keep in mind, check your carrier's data plan rates as they constantly change. If a new plan comes on or your existing plan gets reduced then you need to formally ask your carrier for the reduction, otherwise they will gladly keep taking your hard earned cash. Something else to consider, drop your data plan on months when you don't need it. I've had "all you can eat data" for the past 2 years at a rate of about $30 per month. Not a bad deal but there's been many months when I simply don't use it that much. For months when you don't travel much or don't expect to use the data then drop it from your services, when you need it again simply add it back on - T-Mobile (and others) will gladly do this. I just dropped mine this month and now I simply surf onto free Wi-Fi when I need it and I found out that when I add it back on the rate is now $19.99 p/month instead of the $29.99 p/month i was paying.

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