April 25, 2008

Energy Day and Geography Awareness Week 2008

This update comes from Dr. Barry Wellar, Program director, GAW, CAG - Dr. Wellar always keeps me informed of the CAG's plans for celebrating GAW and GIS Day. The following explains a change for this year's plans...

The very successful "Theme Day" feature that was introduced for Geography Awareness Week 2007 will be continued in 2008, but with a major change. That is, Energy Day will be added to Weather and Climate Day, Water Day, Transportation Day, and Food and Health Day in the CAG's Geography Awareness Week Program.

This change enables us to connect with Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast on a matter of increasing importance. Further, the spatial aspects of energy supply, distribution, and consumption are especially appealing in terms of the various ways of graphically illustrating the energy-geography relationship. Clearly, those are two very good reasons for adding energy to the Theme Day portfolio.

I would welcome hearing from individuals who will assist in identifying, selecting, and 'recruiting' ten non-academic organizations whose websites would be the basis of the Energy Day component of Geography Awareness Week 2008. For those seeking guidance, the model of what I have in mind for Energy Day is any of the Days posted on the CAG website at: http://www.cag-acg.ca/en/geography_week.html

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