June 20, 2008

3D fly-through of Torrey Pines via 3dgolfcourse.com and Virtual Earth

Are all the pieces coming together yet in your mind? This story is just a small example as to how Geo-technologies have infiltrated the mainstream and have been heavily adopted for use in many applications... best of all the technology is now emerging from behind the scenes. I heard from Karl Engstrong today as he shared details of this cool YouTube video clip showing how him and the team at 3dgolfcourse.com developed a great 3d rendering of the course at the recent US Open. With help from Microsoft Virtual Earth a realistic video fly-over was developed using military grade GPS and airborne LIDAR data that many of you may have already seen. Best of all, the product can now be adapted for use in a video game... sweet! See also www.3dgolfcourse.com

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