June 21, 2008

Setup email to text for your important notices

Here's a mobile tip for you that could save you plenty of time and even help you make some cash. Ever wanted to have immediate text message alerts when something happens of if you received an email or order etc... while away from your PC? No problemmo, you can easily email messages to your mobile via simple text message using your "special" email address from your carrier. For example, I now receive a txt alert is someone orders a job posting on our website. The system that receives our orders and provides notification simply also sends an email to phonenumber@tmomail.net - very simple. Below are the codes required so that anyone (almost) can do this themselves. Enjoy and give a try for yourself by sending an email to your number in the format appropriate for your carrier.

T-Mobile: phonenumber@tmomail.net
Virgin Mobile: phonenumber@vmobl.com
Cingular: phonenumber@cingularme.com
Sprint: phonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Verizon: phonenumber@vtext.com
Nextel: phonenumber@messaging.nextel.com

where phonenumber = your 10 digit phone number

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