August 25, 2008

Trulia real estate mashup gets updates, but how good is this information?

How much trust can we have in mashups? That's always a good question, particularly as web20 services like Zillow, Trulia and others are becoming commonplace for the consumer. But where does the data come from and how accurate is it? that's always the fear of mine. Perhaps the error lies in public information, in that case, perhaps a mashup can help you identify some issues with data stored about you or your property. Case in point. Just today, popular real estate search resource, Trulia, just announced many new features today - likely in an effort to try to one-up Zillow. But how good is the information provided by these resources? For example, if you were shopping for a home in my area and were perhaps interested in my home the information conveyed by Trulia is a little odd! Details of my property list it as a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath (perhaps poor info served via public records), however, it's definitely 4 bedroom 3 bath property. Also, for some weird reason, when hitting my address, the zip code is reset to one that is incorrect, even if I enter the correct zip code? Finally, the street view imagery pulled from Google maps is also incorrect and shows a property that is not mine, likely a blunder resulting from the whacked reverse geocoding that is grabbing a wrong zip code. So where's the value in this? You tell me. For now, these services may need some help, perhaps provided by some true, GIS programming skills! See also

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