September 18, 2008

Geo-Social location services for musicians from Nokia OpenLab

An interesting follow-up out of last week's Nokia OpenLab08 comes from musician, Steve Lawson. Steve has a done a great job at sharing his thoughts post-OpenLab, sometimes expressing his frustration at not being able to take part in conversations where he should have been and he also shares some cool vision on his take on the role location-awareness can/should play in the real of mobile music in the future (great stuff Steve!) I love this suggestion from Steve and this is exactly the sort of output that I'm sure Nokia was hoping to get from the event... "the ability to map a tour, plot any media captured on it onto it, group crowd-sourced flickr-photos by location and date, and even to network a street team by geo-tagged data are the stuff that every band in the world should be jumping on"

Indeed Steve is hot for location-awareness as it pertains to his passions (like music) and I have no doubt there's many clever solutions that will come. Imagine your device listening to a tune, providing feedback on the song artist, a chance to purchase the song etc... and then the abililty for your mobile sensor to provide playlist suggestions based on your location, or perhaps based on who you're with at the time, then connecting you to people nearby that may share your love for an artist or particular genre of music. I like the possibility of tracks or even concert tickets etc... being offered to me (maybe at a discount) via mobile, based on where I'm located...

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