September 17, 2008

TwitPic extends your photos to Twitter

Oh man these fantastic mobile, social networking apps just keep on coming... enter TwitPic. The service extends the functionality to the mobile Twitter user by providing a gateway where photos are posted via mobile, a web UI, or via their API. Post a picture and your Twitter feed is updated with details. See more at TitPic is natively supported by twhirl, twitter mobile, Twitterific and others. I've tested the app and the UI is a bit clunky so as of yet I'd say its likely not terribly useful for me - heck, I can do this via Shozu anyway but maybe it will evolve.


Anonymous said...

That's the best typo I've seen in years - there's a W in tWitpic!

gletham Communications said...

oh man, ya you got me! That definitely was a beauty!