October 08, 2008

Blackberry Storm (Touch) coming to Vodafone

An interesting device from Blackberry incorporating unique functionality enabling carriers to target a different crowd that is associated with the traditional Blackberry devices (ie. the business user). This is what Vodafone says... "BlackBerry Storm retains the full functionality and security features of the BlackBerry platform but is also ideal for avid Facebook, MySpace and YouTube users, while Flickr fans will love the ease and speed of directly uploading their pictures seconds after taking them." Detailed info here


First ‘clickable’ touch screen smartphone purpose built for Vodafone – revolutionary tactile touch display
Building on BlackBerry platform’s strong wireless heritage, the BlackBerry Storm is ideal for both consumers and business users featuring:
Large, high resolution screen coupled with Vodafone’s ultra high speed network delivering world class Internet browsing
Fast and easy access to customers’ favourite social networking sites
Turn by turn satellite navigation
Great for keeping in touch – all e-mail, SMS and MMS in a single in-box
Multi-media services including outstanding music and video experience:
Download music or transfer it from the PC
Incredible sound quality
Largest screen on a BlackBerry smartphone


Anonymous said...

Another desperate attempt to fool buyers into thinking a cellphone is like the iPhone but of course just looks similar on the surface with only a fraction of the features.

I don't have a Blackberry but friends who do say the email is a major pain while Email, Web, Maps, Weather, etc work on my iPhone anywhere in the world where there is a WIFI point.

Anonymous said...

iPhone Came into existence after a regular innovation in technology. And the same case with other coming smartphones and cell phones. So without using a device it is little bit difficult to say which is better. Fommy