October 10, 2008

More on the Google (Android) G1 via the T-mobile update

The latest T-Mobile customer newsletter is promoting what else??? the G1 naturally! IT's really too bad that most of the service attendants in the wonderful T-mobile shops are pretty much clueless about the device... but they do proudly comment "well... it's has Google search and maps".. ya that's useful!! For kicks I always like to ask them a couple of questions about Android and watch as their face contorts into a confused state... ;0) Regardless, the G1 from HTC is indeed an interesting device. I'm on the fence as to whether I really want to extend my contract for yet another 2 years for a device that is essentially release - I was really close but I think I've decided that I may wait it out a bit!

See more at http://www.t-mobileg1.com/ or jump to our dedicated Google Android section on the LBSzone

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