October 10, 2008

Updated Nokia Email Service (Beta 3) - mobile email done right... and Free (for now)

Nokia has rolled out a new Beta mobile email service, enabling users to quickly and easily setup mobile email (a free service) on your mobile. Available for most E series devices and high-end N series units (like the N95, N82 etc...) Simply run through the email setup screens, enter your email account parameters (mail server, port, username etc...) you may need help from your ISP to get this if you aren't familiar with how to do this, then voilla... you're ready to receive your email while on the road... best of all it works and its free! I ran this service on the Nokia E71 while on a recent trip to Finland and it was a breeze and enabled me to easily stay in the know about what was happening at the office while I was away... see http://email.nokia.com
Note: as always, be aware of data charges if you are roaming or don't have all u can eat data plan! The "free" part of the service will end when the app comes out of Beta.

Enter your email setup parameters

Select your device and SMS the setup application
Once the SMS comes through you are ready to download, install, then setup...
Once downloaded the installation is fast and painless. The check your application folder, enter your password in the setup module then check your email!

Fire up your new mobile email app to view your messages and send email
Viewing my first mobile email from Nokia email (Beta)

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