June 26, 2011

Charter edition of LiDAR Magazine is now available

Kudos to Gene Roe, Allen Cheves, and the team of developers and writers who managed to put together Volume #1 of LiDAR Magazine. This interesting E publication is now online and industry articles are available via a web-friendly (and iPad / tablet friendly) “flip” style magazine format or as high-res PDF as well.

About the publication… Back in 1999, we wrote our first article on the Cyrax laser scanner. At the time, the field to office ratio (from raw scan to deliverable) was 40:1. That’s 40 hours of processing for every hour in the field. This ratio is now approaching one to one. Prices are falling, too; some scanners are less than $50,000 USD. Long story short, there’s more opportunity than ever before. The way we map and visualize our world is changing—the 3D Revolution is upon us. The magazine is iPad, tablet & browser compatible. You can also access individual PDF files.

The first edition covers topics as varied as:

  • Laser Scanning, Orthophotos & BIM
  • ASTM E57 Data Exchange Standard
  • Reflections on Scanning a Coast
  • Mobile Mapping in South America
  • Automated Feature Extraction
  • Introduction from Editor Gene Roe & more…
Click here to view your digital copy

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