June 26, 2011

Latest Report on LightSquared GPS Plan Shows Major Threat to U.S. Economy

Oh my, even more on the LightSquared GPS issue… get used to it! This time we have some fresh research findings and numbers to share courtesy of reports via the SaveOurGPS coalition. The latest findings from the anti-LightSquared coalitions reveals that proposed Interference with GPS Poses Major Threat to U.S. Economy and get this, 3.3 Million U.S. Jobs and $96 Billion in Annual Direct Economic Benefits Are at Risk! The $96 billion figure is the total of up to $87.2 billion in costs to commercial GPS users and up to $8.8 billion in costs to commercial GPS manufacturers. The commercial benefits of GPS are largely enabled by high precision GPS technologies.

From the report… “The commercial stakes are high. The downstream industries that rely on professional and high precision GPS technology for their own business operations would face serious disruption to their operations should interference occur”

See details HERE

Note, this topic (billed as DarkSquared) was also featured in अ recent Amerisurv newsletter in the intro editorial by Managing Editor Marc Cheves – See HERE

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