August 11, 2006

Keeping up with the blogs from ESRI.. hey guys, don't stress out!

Rob Elkins mentions how he's wanted to blog more from the UC but has been busy... hey, no worries Rob, it's not that simple.. is it?? Not to blow my horn but I've been attending the UC since 99.. back then (99, 2000, 2001) I used to burn the candle at both ends taking in sessions from 8:30 till 5 and staying out till 1 or 2 AM almost every night. I also published a daily newsletter with daily reports, images, news updates etc... it aint easy!! Anyway, kudos to all the geobloggers who've been making the effort. Think its tough to blog from the event with a regular column.. you aren't kidding man. Make sure you don't burn out you bloggers.. there's been many a fine blogs that have gone by the wayside because the owners simply have had enough... pace yourself and don't stress out, that's my advice to you. Remember, your time is much better spent schmoozing with attendees and taking in sessions etc... than sitting in a corner dealing with technical issues... that can wait till you get home. My 2 cents - Se Rob's thread at


Anonymous said...

Your a real pro,Glenn.

Dave Smith said...

I don't feel too bad about it either now... I only just posted my update on ESRI UC as well