October 31, 2006

A smart way to wrap up a GIS user mobile!

This one is for the "recently spotted" category. As I pulled in to a parking for lunch at a local sushi restaurant the other day I notice a cool little "smart" car in the stall next to me. The car is "wrapped up" in a 3D terrain map design and has a sign on it promoting a local GIS consulting firm. I have to be honest, I never heard of the firm but the paint job on the car was way cool... I've often said I want to paint up the Expedition as the GISuser Mobile - when I get to Fort Collins you may infact see this! - but for now, this was a great source of inspiration. Do you have a GIS themed company car? If so blast me a photo... you may wind up on the blog like this guy! Photos is from the Little Earth GIS Consulting Inc, Nanaimo, BC - photos is also posted on my GISuser flickr stream

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Jason Birch said...

Hi Glenn,

Did you hook up with Jamie at the restaurant? He's got mad linux and esri skills. I've got his contact info if you want it :)