October 30, 2006

Location-Based social networking

Social networking is all the rage... its all about connecting with others. Think second life, youtube, flickr, SMS.ac, yadayada... how about networking based on location? That's exactly what NavXS is all about... from the developer I get this... the smartphone / PocketPC application is used in combination with GPRS/UMTS/WLAN networks. Its an online navigation tool which use MapTile from MapProvider like google.maps, Microsoft, yahoo or ask.com. Additional features are: see your friends were they are in real-time, send them messages without SMS ;) The service is in beta but is boasted to work very well. See http://navxs.com - supports Windows Mobile 5 and Java based devices. Note, they also have a blog to support them as well at http://navxs.blogspot.com


Tim Hibbard said...

I'm giving a talk at Kansas University next week about using real time GPS for social networking. I'll be sure to include this resource

Helge said...

Hey, that happens to be my "Alma Mater" (M.S Aerospace Engineering 2001). Who are you talking to? Maybe there's still someone around that I know ;-)

Helge Timenes / NavXS.com

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.

A few days ago, I was surfing the web and I found out a project that works over most mobile phones which lets you know where your friends are in real time and update your status in twitter. It´s called Dimdix.
On their website they say you don´t need a GPS system to detect your location. Does anyone know how this works?
I´m using a Motorola L7 and amazingly it detected my location.
I cannot stop thinking of all the things I could do with it.
If anyone wants to take a look you can go here