August 06, 2007

Navigating with the Nokia 6110 Navigator

We all know by now that Nokia is encouraging mobile navigation via the GPS-enabled Nokia N95 (I'm still trying to get used to all the functionality with mine) but did you know that there's another cool GPS-enabled device from the company - enter the 6110 Navigator. This one is a more budget friendly option that doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the N95 delivers, however, those of you looking for navigation and GPS functionality will like this one.. some info on the device from Nokia... The Nokia 6110 Navigator brings together GPS (Global Positioning System) and AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System) with always-on mobile connectivity in a feature-rich, compact device. The phone features video calling and sharing functionality, a 2 megapixel camera and a large and bright 2,2" QVGA screen, offering up to 16 million colors. The phone has a talk-time of up to 3,5 hours and a standby time of 11 days. For more about the 6610 see:
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Nokia 6110 Navigator


Philip said...

Hi Glenn,

So you own a N95, yes?
I'd love to hear your personal experience on how the GPS/navigation features integrated with your daily live and the known features of a mobile phone.

I admit, I never had my hands on a N95, so here are a few questions:
- What is the most surprising application of the N95 you actually use?
- Can you navigate to address book entries easily?
- Can you geotag photos taken with the phone?
- On the Nokia 6110 webpage talks about adding your own POIs easily. Is there a similar feature on the N95? If yes, are these POIs shareable, exchangeable across devices or platforms?

Thanks in advance

Glenn said...

Hi Philip and yes.. still getting to know the N95. Regarding your questions... some of those things i haven't tried yet so stay tuned. Adding POIs is very simple. Once the GPS gets a fix you are auto. taken to your position on the map.. simply add a place and then list it in a category.. t his data can be exported and shared too but I'm not exactly sure of the format etc... I'll look into that! Re photos... GPS data and XREF info is embedded within the photos, once again I'm still trying to get a handle on how that information can be taken advantage of. I've noticed thath in flickr, if I "add to map" I am automatically taken to a place on a map although its not very precise so it doesn't seem that the location/position info is being exploited for that... too bad really. Surprising app? Well, the camera is fantastic with many setting options, the web browser and search that come on the deck are also top notch.