September 13, 2007

Adams County Colorado using ike GPS and ArcPad technology from North South GIS

Another HOT topic at yesterday's GIS in the Rockies was GPS tagging of photos for your GIS project. Adams County Colorado is using a very cool mobile field data collection solution thanks to the help of NorthSouth GIS, a local GIS consulting firm. Adams County is Colorado's 5th largest county and home to more than 400,000 people. However, the county is for the most part rural so data capture can be a huge undertaking. The county had a need to capture a vast amount of data by sending field crews to record coordinates along with digital photography. They wanted highly accurate data and needed to build a database that could be shared over the the county by staff. Using the Ike GPS laser data capture device from NSG the county has been able to captured GPS tagged photography, attach event data to these data, QC in the office, upload to their server, and distribute the information via an enterprise system.

The county has managed to implement a very efficient system and has streamlined their workflows, however, what wowed attendees at the session was the Ike device. Developer by a company called surveylab, ike is billed as the World's only fully integrated data capture device... I have to agree.. this device is indeed WOW technology! The ike GPS / laser scanner provides users wit: a compass, range finder, GPS, digital camera, ArcPad support.. and much more!

Some more details on ike:
- offers traditional GPS use and data capture
- GPS laser enables data collection from a safe distance
- collect data from up to 1000 m distance
- weighs 1200 g
- desktop synch
- runs on Windows Mobile
- comes with ArcPad application builder (optional) and the ike SDK
- 3.5" screen (320x240)
- rugged
- supports 1GB SD card and 64 MB RAM

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