September 13, 2007

I want a printer friendly map from Google, Yahoo! Live Local Ask Maps!

I'm just printing out some driving directions from Google Maps and Ask maps and it has me wondering.. whay can't we get a really nice, effective printer friendly output from any of these mapping services? The maps and directions are great, however, every time I print one of these maps the map background is always some very light or pale yellow or tan color and basically serves only one purpose... it uses up my valuable printer cartridges! Hey map service... I don't need a background color on maps that I print out! It looks great and is effective online but its totally useless to include on the output. Wouldn't a couple of print options be nice.. a basic for quick output to take with you on your drive (ie. no background shading etc..., and an enhanced option with all the colors, shading etc.. so you could hang it on your wall!) my 2 cents! On a side note.. I noticed a banner ad from Ask Maps running on DIGG today. The banner promotes drag and drop mapping and directions... where is the drag and drop and what is this referring to???

FYI, I used several services to see if I got different estimates on a planned trip. Here's what I found (note: all routed me the same way)

Ask Maps
9 miles Time: 15 minutes

Google Maps
10.1 mi – about 16 mins up to 20 mins in traffic

9.2 miles Time : 16 mins (approx)
I like the way Yahoo returned the business name, phone number when I entered the address of a business

Live search -
9.7 miles Time: 12 minutes

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